Thursday, 18 March 2021

Saint patrick's Wednesday 7 march

On Saint Patrick's day we had mass with our whole entire school. It was also under the canopy and it was also on the 17 of march.We also had some nice music

and it was some nice music.

After that I went back to class and waited until the bell rang when it rang time for teams. I thought I would go inside the same teams as my best friend but we did not. It was my annoying friend that always got me in trouble.

After that we had to do some sports. It was so cool and was so fun but then when it got to my teachers activities I had to go to the dentist.But when I went to the dentist it was so cool and so fun but I was scared because they might say to my Dad I can not eat for one hour every single time. But when my doctor  gave my Dad the paper they said I can eat.

But the funniest part was my young sister. She said that she can still eat but her doctor said she can not eat for one hour and I was laughing. But it was still fun because I got to eat takeaway and drink fizzy 

drinks but I felt sad for my young sister because she looked hungry. I was teasing her.

By Alex, helped by Mr. Bell my lovely teacher

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